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A professional website development service ensures that your website runs easily and efficiently to its full potential and offers a great user experience. Sillicon guru is a professional web development company located in India and USA, that provides website development, design and website outsourcing services at right time and competitive price in India & across the globe. Within a short period of time Microteleosft has become dedicated and professional Web Development Company as a result we have got the global giants as our clients. With having years of experience and success in web development services, we leave no stone unturned to satisfy our clients with a unique combination of expertise, experience, teamwork and strategic planning in India,USA & across the globe.

Our software Development Process :

The first step in software development is analysis. Our Team will make research on the kind of business including the specific needs to achieve your goals. This way, we will be able to establish the perfect software model to be used, that has a tried-and-tested efficiency.

After the analysis, the crucial phase comes, when software is designed. In this Phase, the software is put together according to your requirements. It is a very Important step as it is the heart and soul of the whole software development Process.

After designing, coding is the next step. In this step, Internet programming languages are put in the equation. It is a highly technical phase but is quite simple with professionals like us. This is main step where Java codes and PHP are created. Trial period is the fourth step in software development. In this step, Software engineer as well as the client come together to see if the goals were met. The software developer will test the codes and the design if they are working and if They really suit the requirements of the possible end-users providing great satisfaction to the customer

After testing, the software is set to run. The work will be continuing until software is done. We are willing to provide effective solutions to keep you using the software effectively. Trust us as a best software development company and a strategic partner.

SiliconGuru approach is to take your project, and break it up into modules to quickly decide on your exact requirements. We will then build a quote, and a project plan after the work is agreed on.

As a software development company we have developed software products for various vertical industries. Our software is licensed to our customers. We have also SAAS model and Cloud Computing model to provide our software as a service. Many clients needs a strong software company as a partner to launch best software in the market. We are always ready to take on any software related projects and deliver it with best in quality and price. We have established us as a well known software company in India, USA, UK, Canada, Oman, Germany, France, China, Brazil, Mexico, South africa by delivering high quality software products.

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    At Lake Place Design, we bring together top web development talent to offer you a full range of website development services. From large scale e-commerce stores to intricate websites, we do everything that your business might need. Reach out to us for your website development project and launch your online presence within your time and budget.

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