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Manufacturing is entering an exciting new phase of opportunities. In developed economies, impacted by a series of recessionary trends, manufacturing is being compelled to innovate, manage rising labor costs and improve safety standards. In developing and emerging markets, rapid industrialization is sparking demand for localized products. There is dramatic change in the demographics of end-consumers and their buying behavior. Simultaneously, globalization is bringing a change in enterprise workforce culture and sourcing strategies.

Sillicon-Guru end-to-end approach focuses on processes supporting a retailer's business ecosystem supplier negotiations, merchandise, inventory management, logistics, store operations and invoice payments.

Our offerings in Customer Focus include

✔ Business process modeling

✔ Web based training programs

✔ Contact center consulting, CRM, CTI

✔ Product leverage services

✔ Customer analytics

✔ E-Business services

✔ Supply chain measurement, visibility and optimization

✔ Customer campaigns, managed loyalty programs

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