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Real Estate Industry

Then it comes to real estate, the three things that matter most are location, location, and location. Once you’ve identified the perfect location for your next project what matters most is TIME. Streamlining the development process is critical to your success. Shorter timeframe = lower cost and risk, and faster facility openings = faster revenue generation.

We provides a web-based management system designed to help you speed the development process from site selection and acquisition to design and construction.

Our companies that also own and manage properties or provide property management services, SiliconGuru provides a centralized system to manage your customers’ entire portfolio.

Our Key Features for Real-Estate Industry

✔ Shorten the time of development

✔ Lower your project cost and risk

✔ Manage unlimited number of properties from one location

✔ Manage the flow of information across all parties involved

✔ Vendor and Service Provider Management

✔ Increase efficiency in managing site selection, due diligence, acquisition, and initial design.

✔ Provide controlled access to information to stakeholders (including employees, consultants, contractors, and even tenants)

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