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Travel Management software

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Travel Management System is designed to meet the day to day needs of Travel Agents, Destination Management Companies and Inbound Agents. The specialized itinerary software is an intuitive system with a web-basedlook and feel, making tp easy to use and quick for staff to learn. From your initial contact with clients, to creating a travel itinerary, producing quotes, booking suppliers, creating itinerary documents with photos and maps, through to vouchers, accounting and emailing newsletters, Our System software can manages it all.


Managing a team of dedicated employees and their travel arrangements is a taxing gig that requires all the help you can get. While corporate travel agencies are the usual go-to when it comes to booking airlines, hotels, and transportation, they introduce many points of friction. In this increasingly connected day and age, these points of friction just don’t need to be there.

Streamlined processes

Emails, emails, and more emails: it’s usually the case that multiple rounds of communication are necessary to initiate, clarify, and finalize a travel request. While the results may be the same, time and control are lost in the process. This equates to a lack of efficiency and a loss of potential savings since information about transportation options are limited.

Simplifying booking processes returns that control to those who demand it: you. Using them allows you to check and compare more flights and accommodations faster, usually guaranteeing a much better price without the hassle of multiple emails. Employees can book their own trips as well by using tools like TravelPerk, which not only increases autonomy but also overall satisfaction.

Reduced travel expenses

Making sure your teams stay under budget while ensuring an efficient, comfortable trip for them is a thin line to walk. Under and overspending means money left on the table, money that can be used and/or saved more efficiently. Static budgets don’t do very much to help travel managers in this regard as making sure they stay accurate is difficult due to constantly fluctuating prices. Unlike traditional corporate travel agencies, most digital corporate travel solutions are constantly connected.

A more cost-conscious culture

According to Expedia, a majority of small business travellers (91%) spend more on meals, hotel rooms and room service than when they travel on personal money. This happens because employer and employee interests aren’t aligned and is made worse from a fundamental lack of awareness of how these costs impact the bottom line.

Generates valuable corporate travel data

utting everything into the hands of a corporate travel agent only serves to take it out of yours, depriving you of valuable data that can serve to improve your processes over time. Without it, you’re left groping in the dark, hoping the corporate travel company you’re dealing with truly has your bottom line in mind. (Plot twist: they probably don’t.)

Travel Management Software has following features

✔ Automate business through online bookings

✔Offer inventory from multiple 3rd party GDS systems/Consolidators

✔Offer direct contact inventory

✔Tweak rates(markups/downs)

✔Easy to use interface (requires minimum training)

✔Fully E-commerce enabled.

✔Web 2.0 enabled public website as well as back office

✔Easy to understand Graphic Reports (Business/ MIS)

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